Turn Smart.
Unlock life.


Wouldn't it be nice never to lose your keys again? Never to be locked out again? There is one solution: just get rid of your keys. Life is too short to worry about everything to do with keys.


Keyless is more

Join the keyless movement.
Choose a smart lock that - thanks to Bluetooth - is completely keyless.

Easy as 1,2, free.

Installation of the Bold Smart Lock takes only 5 minutes. 

Stay in control

Manage and secure all your belongings with ease - wherever you are. 

Who's in and who's out? It's up to you.

Share access with whomever and whenever you want.


Say "yes" to keyless

We are ready for a smart and keyless future - just like you. Be Bold. Join the keyless movement. Choose a smart lock that - thanks to Bluetooth - is completely keyless. And install it in a flash. Assure yourself of the most secure lock with SKG*** certification. So you can easily manage and secure all your belongings - wherever you are. 

Lets Connect

Activate a lock remotely or monitor all activities in real time with App. The Connect is easily connected to your Wifi network. With the Controller functionality you can even add existing electric doors.

Bold Clicker Multipack

One day it just clicks

No smartphone? No problem. There is a simple alternative to opening and locking the door securely. With the Bold Clicker you activate your Bold Smart Cylinder with just one push of a button.


peace of mind

Thanks to 2-factor authentication, you know your invitation can only be used by the right person. No compromises on smartphone protection or other hacks with end-to-end encryption from our servers to your products.


Activate the lock with just one push of a button in the Bold app.


Use the app to invite someone and give them the access you want.


Receive notifications when someone activates the lock.



Is your question not included? Please call us or use the online contact form!


In just 3 simple steps you remove the old cylinder and install the Bold Smart Cylinder