How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for a minimum of 2 years or 20.000 activations. The battery status and usage are tracked by Bold and displayed in the app.

Based on this, the lock owner receives a notice well in advance (about half a year) when the battery needs replacing and can also be delivered directly via Bold as an option. If you ignore messages for a long time, the use of the lock and the app will be adjusted to prevent the battery from running out.

Can the Bold Smart Cylinder be used in combination with, for example, a 3-point lock?

Yes, the Bold Smart Cylinder is a full replacement for your current traditional cylinder and can be used with any lock system. No additional actions are required for the configuration with a 3-point closure.

What type of battery does the Bold Smart Cylinder use?

The Bold Smart Cylinder works on a standard battery (CR123A), these are widely available in an electronics store.

Does the Bold Smart Cylinder have an SKG quality mark?

The Bold smart lock meets the requirements of the SKG *** quality mark. 

Lost my smartphone – What should I do?

To ensure that all digital keys on your lost or stolen phone are deleted, you need to log in on another phone (or tablet) in the Bold app with your old mobile number or email address and password. For each user, the digital keys are supported on only one device.

At this moment we are working on a user environment on the internet so that this is also possible outside the use of the Bold app. Finally, you can of course still open the door by using the backup PIN code. See this video

How can I lock my door when I leave my house?

When you leave your house, briefly press the inside button. The button flashes green once and the Bold lock activates for a period of 10 seconds. You leave the house and lock the door within this activation period.

As soon as the lock deactivates you will hear a signal and your door is locked. If you are late with closing, press the inside button again and if you prefer to always want more or less time to operate the lock, you can set this for each lock in the Bold app.

My door clamps – Will my Bold Smart Cylinder work?

A clamping door or heavy-duty door lock is a well-known and major problem for motorized smart locks. Not for Bold where you still unlock your door lock by hand.

As a result, just as much or more power can be put as with a traditional cylinder. So no extra worries about clamping doors, but also a higher burglar-resistance and a guaranteed longer battery life.

Is the Bold Smart Cylinder safer than a traditional key cylinder?

Yes, the Bold Smart Cylinder is stronger than a traditional key cylinder and is virtually impossible to break. The Bold lock has no key opening and is therefore maximally protected against core pulling.

The Bold Smart Cylinder is equipped with hardened steel drill barriers, making drilling virtually impossible.

The Bold Smart Cylinder has a fixed shaft, which means that the cylinder cannot be broken in half during a burglary attempt.

Digital security has also been maximized. Bold uses fully (end-to-end) encrypted communication for the highest attainable security level.

Finally, there are practical differences that make using a Smart Lock safer. Keys can be withdrawn at any time, cannot be copied and the end user is identified as with every use of the lock.

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