Step-by-step installation



Step-by-step installation

Installation of the Bold

It’s very easy to install the Bold. On our website you can find several videos that will guide you through all of the necessary steps. On this page we will list them for you again, step by step we will install the Bold together.

What’s in the box?

Inside the box you will find the Bold. The Bold consists of a cylinder, the inner knob (a large knob with a LED rind and Bold logo), an outside knob, tools to adjust the length of the cylinder and an Allen wrench/Hex key to fasten or unscrew the knob.

Before we install the knob in the door, we first install the Bold app and connect the lock to your smartphone. You can download the app for free in the Apple- or Google play store.

1.1 Setup an account

After installing the app, open the Bold app and select “create account”.

Now select the country and fill in you mobile telephone number.

You will receive a SMS message with your verification code. Then enter this code in the Bold app. After that fill in your email address and password. You will now receive another verification code by email. Open your email and click on the link. And your done!

The Bold is now installed and ready to use.

1.2 Activate the Bold in the app

You have installed the app and you are registered as a user. Now we need to let the lock know that you are the owner of the Bold Smart Lock. For this you need to make contact with the lock with your smartphone. Remove the plastic battery tab that sticks out of the inside knob.

The Bold Smart Lock will give a signal and is now active. Make sure that bluetooth is active on your smartphone. Select in the top right of the menu “install lock”. Put the lock in the “installation mode” by pressing the inside knob for 5 seconds until the LED ring starts flashing. Now press the red button in the app and the Bold simultaneously.

The button in the app as well as the knob on the door will now turn green. The lock is now linked to the app and you are the only one who can control this Bold. You can now choose a suitable name for the lock such as “front door”.

Placement of the Bold in the door

When you have installed the Bold app and you have finished step 1 and 2 you are now the owner of the Bold lock and you are ready to install the lock in the door. Below we describe the simple steps how to do this.

2.1Remove the old cylinder

Cylinder locks are being kept in place by one long screw. Loosen this screw and remove the old cylinder. For this you need to use a Philips screwdriver.

2.2 Placing the Bold Smart cylinder

Check the right thickness of the door with the Bold Smart Lock. Standard the Bold lock will fit in a common size door. Below you can see the minimum and maximum distances that are suitable for the Bold. Here you can also see what kind of adapter you will be needing to adjust the length.

If you haven’t done it yet, remove the small outside knob of the Bold.

For this you need the supplied Allen key. Now you can put the cylinder in place and fix it with the screw. Is the Bold in a neat and straight position? Then place the outside knob to finish it.

Inviting users

You as a Bold administrator are in total control of who can use the Bold Smart Lock. In the following steps we will explain how to remove or add users.

3.1 Inviting new users

On the home screen of the app, click on the “Users” icon (invite new guests). Click on the plus icon and select “manually” or “from contact list”. To manually add new users: Enter the required data in the fields. Confirm with the check mark. In the next step, choose what kind of access you want to give the new user. There are 3 options:

The new user always has access. There are no restrictions.

The user gets access for a certain amount of time. For example weekend guests or people who stay for a short period of time.

With regularity (recurring)
The user has access on certain days or time during the week. Ideal for your babysitter or cleaning lady.



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