Inside cylinder length in mm: 30-35
Outside cylinder length in mm 30-45
Need another size?
(27 customer reviews)

199,- including VAT

 Highest safety standard with SKG *** label
Lock including cylinder
No shipping costs
Includes free app
Installation within 3 minutes
Access without a phone using PIN
Ordered on weekdays before 22.00 in the house tomorrow

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Bold Installation service

Your ordered Bold Smart Lock correctly installed by an experienced technician. More information.

59.00 including VAT

Bold Installation service

Your ordered Bold Smart Lock correctly installed by an experienced technician. More information.

59.00 including VAT

What our customers say

27 reviews for SX-33 Bold Smart Cylinder

  1. Michael Ras

    Super lock!
    Does what it needs to do and is super user friendly. Assembled in a few minutes.

  2. Nick Gemesi

    I received the lock today. It was really easy to fit.

    Initially, I was confused to how it works and I really think it could be better explained on the website. Activating the lock simply allows you to manually lock and unlock the cylinder. When not activated, you cannot lock or unlock from outside.

    Having said that, it is a really simple solution for a smart lock, it looks great and is actually easy to use. I'm really pleased with it now.

  3. René Miedema

    I have been using the lock for a few weeks now. I am very satisfied with it. It does what it needs to do. I had to contact customer service a few times because I had placed the lock wrong. But after their advice my problems were solved quickly. Also working with the app is very simple. Assign someone to open the door, but you can also unlock the lock remotely from anywhere.

  4. Rene Rauwers

    Am super satisfied with the smartlock and connect Easy to assemble and install Fast delivery for me a 10 🙂

  5. Jeroen Borsboom

    What a great lock this is! In the beginning I had some problems with the software, and also the cylinder was not quite right in the door. With the help of the team from Bold this was solved completely and I can enjoy the convenience of remotely opening the lock for people (using the Bold connect ) or walking in and the door unlocks itself, very convenient! It's also easy to add people who are allowed to enter the house via the app. You even get a notification when someone opens the lock! All in all a very satisfied user and can not wait for future additions to the lock (Google Assistant integration please)

  6. Mike

    Great lock and functions as described. Customer service is excellent, feel free to contact Bold! They will help you quickly and with attention.

    The Bold app is regularly updated with new features and updates. The auto-activation works just fine, never needing your keys again. And if you ever forget your phone you can simply dial your own 5 digit pin code and the lock will open. Battery lasts for years and notifies you in time when it's due for renewal. Invite and manage users from within the app and everything works with two-step authentication, making me feel safe. The Bold connect 'bridge' also makes it possible to activate the lock when you're not at home.

    I've been using the lock on the front and back door for months and I'm very satisfied. With this solution we were able to give a digital key to our children without any problems. They can easily lose a key but their phone is sacred. We get a message when they are at home and that is nice.

  7. Tom Meijers

    After some comparison we ended up at Bold. This lock works without a motor and this saves a lot of power so almost no battery replacement.
    It also takes a human action to open the door, which gives a better feeling. Lock feels solid to no fuss and does what it's supposed to do. The after service is great, even on Sundays you will be kindly welcomed.

  8. Joel (verified owner)

    1 word: Wonderful!!! Best investment ever ...never worry about your keys again ...super easy if you have your hands full with e.g. groceries just walk to your door and your lock will open when you come walking. No way for me to go back to old-fashioned key locks.

  9. Andy

    This lock fits really easily into modern composite doors in the uk. As a replacement for a Danalock both the lock and the app feel far more slick, professional and less clunky.

  10. Ronald

    Great product! And a super well-oiled support/service department. Quick response to questions and even telephone contact if there are any uncertainties.

  11. Kobe Lee

    Perfect product developed from Dutch soil. Works super well, easily installed together. And since yesterday ordered the new Bold connect . Today questions about the new product and was well and quickly helped. After sales and service is a good 10!

  12. Andres Bottinelli

    I bought the cylinder a couple of months ago, it was what I was looking for a smart cylinder that could feet my lock and was easy to install. Now with the connect it is perfect because I can open my door without being at my home, I can manage the profiles. The other thing that I like a lot from Bold is the service, any time that I had a question I sent it and I wuickly recieved an answer. I totally recommend this solution!

  13. Philip

    After I experienced the lock at the office, I bought 3 locks for home. I did adjust the inner shields because the distance was too great. Now I know a bigger size will come out soon, but I couldn't wait.
    Also just connected the Connect . Super simple. Now waiting again for new features.

    Tip: perhaps options such as rosette for indoors and several rotary knobs for outdoors.

  14. Eelco van Kesteren (verified owner)

    After regular contact with the service department, a suitable solution was found to complete the order. Immediately ordered a 2nd lock for another location, TOP!

  15. Leo Schönthaler

    We purchased the first lock in May, so that customers can pick up orders independently. In the meantime we have bought two more for convenience. Delivery again nice and fast and correct. Questions via the chat will always be answered correctly. We are happy with Bold!

  16. Fred Vulhop

    We have been using the Bold for over half a year now. Really more than great. If only we let the dog out that you don't have to bring a key. We are also in the test app with which we test the latest gadgets. Totally super.

  17. Rogier

    Good lock. Easy to install. Slightly less suitable for the specific application in holiday homes because there are fewer options available to operate the lock. There is no keyfob or code panel in the range. The back up pin is not very user-friendly. It's like opening a safe. For (older) guests of the holiday home it is a lot of hassle to download the app for 1 night.

    • Bold (verified owner)

      Dear Rogier, thanks for your response. Both the keyfob and the keypad are on the program for 2021. This will hopefully make it even more suitable for your holiday home.

  18. Sjouke

    Lock ordered via bulb. Com assembly was easy though we ran into a problem on the cylinder is actually not long enough on the inside we have a thick plastic door we removed the fittings first otherwise it was not a pity that we can not get this right right.

  19. Cees

    I put the Bold lock on the back door of my house. The installation was very easy and also the app is very user friendly. We turned off the Auto activation function after 2 weeks because it was too slow. Just grab your phone and unlock the lock when you arrive is faster. For the rest I am very satisfied with the Bold lock.

  20. Beaucourt the attention of the wifi passerelle that will gagner the 5ème étoile

  21. Jan Willem

    Nice lock, easy to install and app works super handy. However, the last and 5th star would be given if the outside button would be anti-slip. Because the frame is close to the button, access is limited and the smooth button slips through your fingers. Not all family members get the door open, very unfortunate. I've put a rubber ring around the knob which makes it work, but it's not a real solution... hopefully an anti-slip version of the outside knob will be available soon.

  22. Pascal

    Extremely easy to pose and offer all day long
    I can't recommend this product that doesn't require that much energy.
    We can even ask for what personne y a pensé plus tôt!

  23. Hans Roozen

    Received the lock today and immediately installed. Very satisfied and the installation is very easy. Now I have to figure out how to unlock the lock automatically when I get close. Now only a message on the phone.

  24. Michael

    It's been in the door for a few months now and it's working great!
    I do miss the integration with IOS and Google to open the door with voice command or via a widget.
    Then it gets 5 stars from me.

  25. Klaas Alma

    We installed the lock on the door of the village room which is used by several associations. Each association uses the village room on a fixed day, so they only have access on a fixed day and time. This can be set in the app by phone really convenient for us.

    Installation was child's play. Really super satisfied with this electronic lock.

  26. Bas Nijhuis (verified owner)

    I put the Bold lock on the front door of my own house. It's a door with a three-point lock where you have to operate the lock by moving the latch upwards. Many smart locks are not suitable for this kind of doors, but the Bold lock is! The installation of the lock was very easy. The lock also fits well with the rest of the door fittings due to the modest stainless steel knobs. I am very satisfied!

  27. William van den Oever

    Very satisfied with the Bold Smart Lock system. Super easy to install and also when using multiple people a cheaper solution than a key plan. Adding and removing users is also a simple operation.
    Very happy about it.

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