Complaints procedure

Complaints received at Bold, are always seen as an opportunity for improvement. In this document you can read complaints are handled by Bold.

1. Terms

ComplainantA (future) customer of Bold.
ComplaintThe reason why the Complainant seeks contact with Bold.
Complaints CommitteeEmployees of Bold

2. Confidentiality

Complaints will be handled confidentially by the Complaints Committee. This means that the complaints committee only exchanges information about the complaint between itself. It is not the intention that parties publish information about the complaint before that time, for example via social media.

3. Complaints procedure

The steps of the complaints procedure:

  1. The complainant personally reports his complaint to the Complaints Committee. The complainant will do this within 1 month after the complaint has been experienced.
  2. Complaints come into a ticketing system. Multiple agents working at Bold. Complaints are labeled and registered in the system.
  3. The Complaints Committee always confirms the complaint to the customer upon receipt. This indicates that the complaint has been received and the complaints committee will try to deal with the complaint within 3 working hours, with the exception of holidays and weekends.
  4. The Marketing and Communication department determines internally with the management whether or not a complaint will or will not be dealt with. Feedback to customer in case of non handling with reason.
  5. The Complaints Committee will deal with the complaint within 4 weeks at the latest. If this period is not feasible, the complainant must be informed.
  6. The complaints committee registers the complaints in a ticketing system. Complaints are kept for a period of 1 year.
  7. The aim of the Complaints Committee is to always resolve a complaint so that the complainant is satisfied with the purchase again.

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